Why Alpha Gam?


Why Alpha Gam?

Letter from our Vice President of Recruitment


Congratulations on your admission to Georgia Tech! This is a huge accomplishment and you should be incredibly proud. My name is Sophia, and I’m so excited to represent Alpha Gamma Delta as Vice President of Recruitment. This past fall, our chapter celebrated another successful Recruitment after our beautiful Pledge Class of 2017 ran home to us on Bid Day.

As Alpha Gamma Deltas, we live by the motto, “Inspire the Woman, Impact the World”. This year, our sisters took initiative in on-campus organizations such as Student Government, Tour Guides, Women’s Recruitment Team, FASET, and more. We also cheered for Hannah as she ran for Ms. GT, supported Sara as she worked in London as a Fulbright Scholar, and celebrated sisters as they received offers from companies like Google, Disney, and Deloitte. With graduating sisters setting themselves up for successful careers or gaining admittance into top graduate schools, I constantly feel inspired.

I will always cherish my years in Alpha Gam for the memories I’ve made with sisters. I treasure memories of exploring New Zealand on the weekends with my big during our study abroad and discovering new brunch spots right here in Atlanta with my suitemates. I look back on fond memories like volunteering at food kitchens with sisters and getting campus excited about our philanthropy by hosting fun events like Grilled Cheese with AGDs and our annual Hoops for Hunger bracket competition where the proceeds go to supporting the fight to end hunger. Whether it’s getting ready for crush party or watching all of Grey’s Anatomy, my sisters are by my side, rooting for, encouraging, and inspiring me. Because of our commitment to each other and our community, Alpha Gam has made a huge impact on me throughout my time at Tech.  

Recruitment is an intimidating and overwhelming time, but just know, that each of you has immense potential and deserves a loving and nurturing home away from home! During recruitment, I chose Alpha Gam because I met women who I aspired to be like one day. I knew I had found a house full of women who could inspire me to be nothing less than the best version of myself. My hope for you is that you feel comfortable, valued, and confident in who you are throughout the recruitment process. We cannot wait to show you the joy and love of what it means to be an Alpha Gamma Delta during Recruitment!


Sophia Guldberg


Alumnae members of Alpha Gamma Delta have endless opportunities to stay involved with the Fraternity. Alpha Gamma Delta can provide a lifelong ability to give back, whether you choose to volunteer with a collegiate chapter as an advisor or with a larger role on the Volunteer Service Team. Many cities and areas across North American have Alumnae Chapters and Clubs that alumnae can join to keep with with sisters and meet other Alpha Gams close to home.




New Member Experience

New Member Experience

Alpha Gamma Delta has developed a comprehensive membership development program called the Alpha Gamma Delta Experience. The Alpha Gamma Delta Experience consists of three components:


The goal of the Alpha Experience is to help new members acclimate to Fraternity life and set expectations for membership. With an emphasis on sisterhood, the Alpha Experience consists of five key programs: Scholarship, Values, Life Balance, Operations and History.


The Gamma Experience is focused on individual and chapter growth and provides members the opportunity to learn more about themselves and develop skills that will impact them for a lifetime. Throughout the two-year program, members discuss the relevance of each line of the Alpha Gamma Delta Purpose in today's society and participate in group and individual activities surrounding these lines. Individual reflection is also a component of this program.


The Delta Experience was created to help seniors navigate the transition from collegiate to alumnae life. Through senior-specific activities with local alumnae chapters/clubs and Junior Circles, the Delta Experience allows seniors to prepare for life after college as they reflect on their collegiate experience with activities such as Senior Recognition Week.
Together, these components offer all Alpha Gamma Deltas the necessary tools to become strong, progressive women who make a positive difference in the lives of others. The Fraternity is confident that the Alpha Gamma Delta Experience will benefit our members by providing the framework for lifelong, personal and professional development.


For Parents

For Parents

Alpha Gamma Delta provides its members with a defining college experience that lasts a lifetime. Inspired by the vision and values defined by our Founders, Alpha Gamma Delta cherishes the lifelong opportunity to share sisterhood. We challenge our members to lead lives of significance that positively impact their communities.

We take to heart our message to Live with Purpose, which at its simplest means that we will be there for your daughter, encouraging her to take care of herself and those around her, to become the best version of herself that she can be and to share her talents to make a difference in the world. We are proud to have the opportunity to be part of your daughter’s journey and we take that honor and responsibility seriously.

To learn more about Alpha Gamma Delta please visit our website:  www.alphagammadelta.org.


Dear Parents,

Coming into Georgia Tech, I wasn’t entirely sure I even wanted to join a sorority. I was worried joining this community would get in the way of my academics, prevent me from joining other communities on campus, inhibit my ambitions, and generally be a distraction. I struggled a lot my first semester with transitioning to college, but I couldn’t have been more wrong about the amazing role that Alpha Gamma Delta would play in my life.


For one, my academics actually improved because of the help of older sisters. I distinctly remember leaving my first engineering exam close to breaking down and knowing I had failed it. When I walked into the house, tears in my eyes, the former chapter president, Margaret Dickey, wrapped her arms around me and comforted me with words of encouragement. Another older sister Ashley Stroup, a fourth year in mechanical engineering, reached out to me to tutor me in this class. Thanks to her help and the support from my sisters I ended up with an A in the class.

Furthermore, this chapter allowed me to be connected and involved in so many different communities on campus. Something that is unique to Alpha Gamma Delta, is our new member officer positions. I was elected as New Member Junior Panhellenic Delegate, and I was able to go to Panhellenic meetings where all of the sororities met to discuss greek events, concerns about our community, and our Circle of Sisterhood philanthropy. It was a great experience to connect with not only girls in my own chapter, but girls from other sororities at these meetings. In addition, most girls in Alpha Gamma Delta are a part of other clubs on campus and hold leadership positions in those chapters. Older sisters have encouraged me to be a part of clubs like Society for Women Engineers, Women’s Recruitment, cultural clubs, and so many more. Because of their encouragement, I was able meet so many interesting people, making this sometimes intimidating campus seem much smaller.

Joining this chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta was the best decision I made my first year here at Georgia Tech. My sisters quickly became a family to me, offering me support in my classes, advice on career choices, and love and humor whenever I was feeling down. This community has already changed me in so many ways for the better, and I can’t wait to see what the next four years in Alpha Gamma Delta will bring.


Shilpa Patel (PC ‘17)





Alpha Gamma Delta members are encouraged to recommend young women who embody our values for membership through our Recruitment Recommendation Form. If you are an alumnae or collegiate member in Good Standing you are able to submit a Recruitment Recommendation Form to notify chapters of women who are going through the Primary Recruitment process.

You should print and mail this form to the chapter.

NOTE: See chapter contact information and recruitment dates. 

Please mail recruitment recommendations to:

     ATTN: Dani Kronowski 

      177 5th St. NW

     Atlanta, GA 30332

For Potential New Members:

If you have questions about Formal Recruitment, please go to www.panhellenic.gatech.edu or contact rvp.gtcpc@gmail.com.

Recruitment Recommendations are not a requirement, nor do they guarantee membership, but they are beneficial to our chapters.

If you are a Potential New Member and are in need of assistance obtaining a recommendation, you are first encouraged to contact an Alumnae Chapter/Club for assistance. Use our chapter locator to locate a chapter near you. Any further questions can be directed to recommendations@alphagammadelta.org.