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To Possess High Ideals

Alpha Gams are known on campus for their involvement. Over 40 of our sisters serve on Executive Boards for organizations such as Student Government Association, Student Alumni Association, ODK Leadership Honor Society, GT Future Fashion Leaders, and One Voice. Many of our sisters take their passion for philanthropy a step further and serve on the Executive Board for philanthropic organizations such as Tech the Halls, Relay for Life, and Rethink. All of our collegiate members are involved in at least one activity besides Alpha Gamma Delta.


Hannah Brink - Omicron Delta Kappa Honor Society, President

Hannah Kriscovich - Women's Recruitment Team, President

Patricia Ray - ISYE Ambassadors Vice President of External Affairs

Zoe Sieling - Student Government, Sergeant of Arms for Undergraduate House of Representatives

Nikita Samant - Student Government, Sustainability Committee President

Dana Hicky- Greek Sustainability Committee, Vice President of Social Media

Breanna Mann- For The Kids, Community Outreach Chair

Renee Mallick- Habitat for Humanity, Vice President

Reena Thanker- Relay for Life, Vice President of Faculty Relations

Priya Sharma - Tech the Halls, Membership Director

Mary- Catherine Bryant - Collegiate Panhellenic Council, Promotions

Rachel Beyersdorfer - Sting Hunger Now, Vice President Recruitment

On Campus Leadership Positions, 2017-2018

Sophia Guldberg - Tech the Halls, Vice President of Recruitment

Briana Sobel - GT Tour Guides, Vice President of Membership

Savannah Williams - Student Alumni Association, Dinner Jackets Facilitator

Avanti Joshi - Girls Who Code, Founder

Vanshika Balayan - Modern Molecular Science Club, Co-founder

Chapin Smith - Nothin' But Treble, Design Chair

Avielle Krug - Hillel, Vice President of Social Programming

Catherine Johnson - Alternative Service Breaks, President

Olivia Mast - Outdoor Recreation Club, Vice President of Communications

Jackie Buzzett - Our Stars, Vice President of Membership

Kelsey Baker - Equestrian Club, Fundraising Chair

Hannah McCullough - Relay For Life, Vice President of Entertainment




Sierra Copner - Relay for Life, Logistics Director

Abbie Cliche - Campus Kitchens Projects, Vice President of Growth

Paxton Stephens - Society of Women in Business, Project Manager of Membership

Gabby Rusch - DramaTech, Choreographer

Megan Whittling - Stamps Health Student Ambassadors, Vice President of Membership

Hannah Kriscovich - Wreckless,  Vice President of Logistics

Emma Adams - Scheller Business Ambassadors, Project Manager

Briana Sobel - Club Soccer, President

Leanne Francis - Student Government, Junior Vice President of Campus Organizations

Connie Xie - Student Alumni Association, Traditions Initiatives Chair

Sydney White - Water Polo, Executive Board

Katie Sledjeski - Sting Hunger Now, Vice President of Finance

Rachel Techau - Christian Campus Ministry, Community Committee Leader






To Gain Understanding

The Gamma Phi chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta exemplifies scholastic achievement both inside and outside of the classroom. Our chapter has 8 Presidential Scholars and 19 women in the Honors Program. Nearly half of our chapter is honored on the Dean’s List with an overall GPA of 3.0 or higher.


Campus Awards, 2016-2017

Homecoming, Second Place Overall 2016

Greek Week, Second Place Overall 2016

Greek Week Banner Design First Place, 2016

Greek Goddess, 2016 & 2017

Ms. Georgia Tech, 2016

Panhellenic Spirit Award, 2016- 2017

Awards and Scholarships, Spring 2017

Association of Environmental Engineers and Scientists Outstanding Undergraduate Award - Alex Logan

Biomedical Engineering Outstanding Undergraduate TA - Jacqueline Larouche

 Chance Family Award for Chemistry - Chloe Baskowitz

 Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Senior of the Year - Melissa Bruschi

 Excellence in International Affairs and Modern Languages - Taylor Eling

Fulbright Scholarship - Sara Dada

 John H. Ridley Award for the School of Biology - Megen Wittling

 National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship Program Fellowship - Rachel Barker

 ODK Freshman Leadership Award - Rachel Hurst, Rachel Langston

 Panhellenic Best New Member Award - Rachel Langston

 Panhellenic Judith Prity Award - Sara Dada

 Whitaker Fellowship - Jacqueline Larouche

 Women in Engineering Scholarship Recipients - Abbi Copeland, Becky Cohen, Carmen Dyck, Kate Richardson, Laura Meyer, Sierra Copner

 Woodruff Fellowship to Emory Graduate School - Rachel Barker

Sara Dada, Ms. Georgia Tech 2016

Sara Dada, Ms. Georgia Tech 2016

Maggie Howell, Greek Goddess 2016

Maggie Howell, Greek Goddess 2016

Anna Herrera, Greek Goddess 2017

Anna Herrera, Greek Goddess 2017




To Cultivate Acquaintance

In addition to academic commitments, our schedule is full of fun social events! From crush parties to date nights and formals, our sisters love getting dressed up to hang out with each other and meet new people.

Rosebud Semiformal and Double Rose Formal

Each fall, we host our annual Rosebud Semiformal. During semiformal, each new member is presented to the chapter with a superlative. The event is followed by our annual Double Rose Formal, held each spring semester. During formal, chapter superlatives are given out. Past venues have included the Venetian Room, the Greystone Room at Piedmont Park, and Fox Theatre! 

Crush Parties

Every semester, Alpha Gam hosts a themed crush party! Sisters can anonymously invite five guests to join the event. We love getting dressed up for themes like Crush Party in the USA or Wild, Wild West.

Date Nights and Mixers

Our social schedule is also full of date nights to venues all around Atlanta. We love hanging out with our sisters as we cheer on the Braves and Hawks or hit the roller rink. We also join fraternities on campus for social mixers each semester!